Handel Dixit Dominus – Venue and Fastest Fugue

One thing about running an event at the extraordinary Convento de Cristo in Tomar is that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing venues for individual performances. It has taken a while to settle on a space for this year’s performance of Handel’s Dixit Dominus. Well the choice has been made. Those of you were here last year will remember it as the biggest of our three rehearsal rooms. It is the Capela-dos-Reis-Magos and this is what it looks like empty!

Capela dos Reis Magos, Convento de Cristo, Tomar, Portugal

Yep! It is going to be great. We have a really exciting team of people gathering for this performance.

Now, if you have been wondering about the title of the post … One of our singers sent me a message when applying saying ‘I love the Dixit Dominus, I hope you are going to take it good and fast!!!’ As it happens at about the same time I came accross this video of Michel Gorbot conducting. He is well known here in Portugal through his work with the Gulbenkian choirs. Check out the fugue at the end. Is this the fastest ever? Whatever about the pros and cons of a speed like this, I hope I have his daring when I am his age!

If it makes you want to come and have a go, rehearsals start on Aug. 11th with our performance being on the 16th, give me shout via our main website. If you find a faster recording of the final fugue, let me know!!

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