2017 Composer in Residence – Eurico Carrapatoso

One of the most exciting innovations of the 2017 ZêzereArts Festival is the Composer in Residence, as we believe that this will play an important part in our determination to promote and disseminate the work of living composers. We are honoured that the distinguished Portuguese composer, Eurico Carrapatoso, will be the first ZêzereArts Composer in Residence.

The 2017 ZêzereArts Chamber Choir will perform the Pequeno poemário de Pessoa and Três Peças Sacras.

The Três Peças Sacras (Three Sacred Pieces), written in 2012, comprise an Ave Verum, Pater Noster and Ave Maria. My current favourite is the Ave Maria, especially because of the moment when the 8 voices join together after the first two sections which are sung exclusively by the female or the male voices. I’m really looking forward to hearing this piece sung in the Charola of the Convento do Cristo. Carrapatoso suggested that we pair his Três Peças Sacras with movements from Herbert Howell’s Requiem, which he describes as a “precious and influential work”. I really like this recording by the Grammy-awarding winning ensemble, Conspirare, based in Austin, Texas.

The Pequeno poemário de Pessoa is a setting of three of Pessoa’s poems. Fernando Pessoa (1888 – 1935) is one of Portugal’s most celebrated poets, although it was only after his death that his work became widely disseminated. Pessoa created literary personas, creating biographies for each one, from Alberto Caeiro (who lived in the countryside with a grandaunt and had little education) to Ricardo Reis (who was born in Porto, educated by the Jesuits and was interested in classic Roman and Greek culture).  The poems set by Carrapatoso were published under Fernando Pessoa’s own name, but he also considered himself another literary persona.

Eurico Carrapatoso paired his Pequeno poemário de Pessoa with Arnold Schönberg’s Schein uns, du liebe Sonne, which he describes as an exciting manifestation of Schönberg’s love for the eternal music of his predecessors.

The composer will further explain his choice of repertoire during the concert on July 21, and will also workshop his music with the ZêzereArts Chamber Choir.

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