Magnificat em Talha Dourada – Eurico Carrapatoso

On March 15th, 2017, the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores awarded the prize ‘Best Classical Work’ to the composer Eurico Carrapatoso for his work Magnificat em Talha Dourada.  Frequently commissioned by various artists and ensembles, Eurico Carrapatoso was chosen along with James MacMillan to compose works that will be premiered during the Pope’s visit to Fátima in October 2017. And in July 2017, we will have the great honour of welcoming Eurico Carrapatoso to ZêzereArts as the 2017 Composer of the Festival.

The Magnificat em Talha Dourada was premiered in 1998 at the iconic Igreja de São Roque in Lisbon, to celebrate 500 years of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia and is unique in its weaving together of sacred texts, profane tropes, writing which is reminiscent of the Baroque era and citations from a popular folk melody from the Alentejo region of Portugal. Listen first to O Meu Menino, to hear the simple folk melody with its fresh harmonisation.

Now for contrast, here is the stunning homage to the Baroque era, Quia respexit, featuring soprano Angélica Neto. The title of the work itself, which can be translated as ‘Magnificat in Gilded Wood’, also relates to the Baroque era, “the style where movement triumphes, the heady spirals, the pure concerto of the senses”, as the composer writes in the introduction to the work.

To understand how Carrapatoso could integrate two such distinct musical styles, a good example is the Gloria for despite its quotations of the folk song and the writing for strings with its semiquaver figures reminiscent of Vivaldi and his contemporaries, Magnificat em Talha Dourada is still clearly a modern work.

Eurico Carrapatoso will workshop his music – namely the Pequeno poemário de Pessoa and Três Peças Sacras with the ZêzereArts Chamber Choir during this year’s Festival. He was also involved in the repertoire selection for the chamber choir, choosing works to be performed alongside his pieces, and will speak about this process during the Chamber Choir concert on the July 21.

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