Zêzerearts Choral Programme 2017

Convento de Cristo - Tomar  - Portugal

An amazing opportunity to spend time rehearsing and performing in one of the most beautiful and extraordinary historic buildings in the world.

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Convento de Cristo

The stunning Convento de Cristo in Tomar was built in the 12th Century as a Templar fortress and is a World Heritage Site.  Steeped in history, the convent was the headquarters of the Templar order in Portugal, a vital stronghold in the struggle with the Moors and later central to Portuguese expeditions in the Age of Exploration.  The Convento is vast and features a 12th century, round Templar church as well as 8 spectacular cloisters from the 15th and 16th centuries.

July 13th - July 22nd 2017

Zêzerearts Festival Choirs 2017

There will be three choral groups performing at the 2017 festival:

ZêzereArts Festival Chamber Choir

July 13th - 22nd 2017

For professionals, music students and very experienced amateur singers.

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ZêzereArts Festival Choir

July 15th - 22nd 2017

For experienced choral singers looking for a full programme of rehearsals and concerts.

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ZêzereArts Festival Symphonic Chorus

July 16th - 22nd 2017

For choral singers who wish to take part in a quality performance of a favourite or new choral work in a new and exotic venue while having time to absorb and appreciate and holiday in this beautiful region of Portugal.

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Stunning Rehearsal & Performance Spaces

Capela dos Reis Magos - Convento de Cristo - Tomar - Portugal

The Convento de Cristo is our home base and able to provide accommodation and rehearsal space which will be for the private use of the festival singers. The picture above is the 'Capela dos Reis Magos' and is an example of one of the available rehearsal and performance spaces.  It will be hot in July and you can see from this picture and others that the Convento, with its thick walls and shaded areas is an ideal place to be when the sun is up.  The Symphonic Chorus will also rehearse in the Theatre in Tomar.

You will work with Zêzere Arts Artistic Director, Brian MacKay, with Pedro Correia and Aoife Hiney and other members of the music staff.

Our performance venues are the stuff of dreams. The Convento de Cristo itself, Batalha Monastery, Dornes, Almoural Castle, Capela Sta Iria in Tomar and others yet to be announced! The picture below is of the Charola in the Convento de Cristo.

Charola - Convento de Cristo - Tomar - Portugal

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The Convento de Cristo provides the most extraordinary atmosphere for a choral holiday. Perfect for relaxation and perfect for concentrated work. If singing, history, architecture and good food in a beautiful surrounding with sunshine is your thing, then this is for you!

If you have any questions about this exciting cultural opportunity, please contact us here.


  • Vaughn Williams - Toward the Unknown Region