Catch Ensembles

This year, "Catch Ensembles" replaces our more formal vocal chamber music course and will recreate the informal, fun and yet musically challenging atmosphere of a Catch or Glee club, looking back to the days when part-singing around the table, in the pub, hall or church was considered a valuable social attribute. Home-made entertainment, or "Elizabethan Karaoke" as one of our group has dubbed it.

"Since singing is so good a thing, I wish all men would learn to sing." - William Byrd

The Catch Ensembles is an optional daily activity (Sunday, July 12th - Thursday July 16th) for ZêzereArts Festival Choir singers. The aim is to provide a stimulating space for singers to explore different styles of vocal music, in the context of a chamber group. Participants will be organised into small vocal ensembles (one or two to a part, depending on individual experience).

Each ensemble will be led by a member of the ZêzereArts vocal team. Scores will be distributed during the first meeting of each ensemble and repertoire will be defined according to each ensemble's musical interests and experience. Repertoire will range from madrigals, part-songs and catches to close harmony pop arrangements.

Ensembles will be able to contribute to the choice of repertoire and have input into which pieces they work on in detail and which they perhaps simply sing through a couple of times before moving on. If both tutor and ensemble agree, a Catch Ensemble may participate in informal performances or satellite ZêzereArts Festival events.

All Catch Ensemble participants must be registered as members of the ZêzereArts Festival Choir and participation will incur a small extra cost. If you wish to participate please choose the relevant option when submitting your application form.