Chamber Music

Alongside participating in the ZêzereArts Festival Choir, optional Chamber Music offers ZêzereArts participants the opportunity to explore different repertoire in smaller groups between rehearsals with the Festival Choir*. Experienced coaches and tutors will organise participants into various ensembles throughout the Festival, according to the participants' interests and experience.

Repertoire will range from early to contemporary music, based on the tutors' areas of expertise and the participants' musical interests.

The aim of this Chamber Music option is to provide a stimulating space for singers to discover unfamiliar repertoire or to approach well-known classics from another perspective, working alongside colleagues and Festival staff members.

All participants will enjoy a minimum of three session with their tutor. Participants may also have the opportunity to perform their chamber music repertoire in a series of satellite performances throughout the Festival.

The supplementary Chamber Music fee is €75 per participant.

All Chamber Music participants must be registered as members ZêzereArts Festival Choir

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