Singing Lessons

Optional individual singing lessons are available for all ZêzereArts Festival participants to further develop their individual vocal technique.

With an experienced teaching staff (Nélia Gonçalves, Juliana Mauger and Luis Pereira), these one-to-one lessons are designed to cater for all levels – for those who have little to no solo singing experience, but wish to further explore their individual voices, to those who already enjoy a high level of vocal technique but are interested in further developing their sound.

We are offering a package of 3 singing lessons for €75. The offer is open to everyone and will be on a first come first served basis, thus we advise all interested participants to apply at your earliest convenience. One off 'give it a go' lessons can be booked at €30, depending on the singing teachers’ schedules.

Singing Teachers 2018

Nélia Gonçalves

Luís Pereira

Juliana Mauger