ZêzereArts Vocal Ensemble

The ZêzereArts Vocal Ensemble, ZaVe, is comprised of members of the ZêzereArts Music Staff, professional choral singers and advanced students directed by the Artistic Director, Brian MacKay. The ensemble performs at the ZêzereArts Festival both alone and with the other resident choral groups. It is also regularly invited to perform at other festivals and concert series in Portugal throughout the year.

ZaVe provides an opportunity for professional development and advancement and its members play a crucial rôle in all aspects of the choral programme.



ZaVe at Criasons 2, December 2018 singing "poemas de amor e de neblina" by our 2019 composer in residence, Fernando Lapa.


ZaVe "O Silêncio" by our 2018 composer in residence David Miguel at the 2018 ZêzereArts Festival.

If you are interested in joining the ZêzereArts Vocal Ensemble, please contact us here:

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