Dornes - Ferreira do Zêzere

Dornes peninsula

The village of Dornes is the jewel in the crown of the Ferreira do Zêzere region the original home of the Zêzerearts Festival.  It has iconic status and is much loved by those who visit it regularly.  It is built on a peninsula jutting into the river Zêzere and is capped by an ancient church and a five-sided, Templar tower built on Roman remains. The church boasts a recently restored Iberian Organ with its extraorinary characteristic sounds. It is a popular place for boating and swimming in water which is clean and surprisingly warm.  There are two beautiful guest houses in this wonderful setting.  Visiting is a must for anyone who comes to the area.

Dornes, view of the riverDornes tower

At the top of the peninsula by the church and the tower there is a village square which overlooks the river.  This has been a succussful and popular venue for us in past years. Puccini's opera, Suor Angelica was performed here in 2014 and Handel's oratorio, Saul during the very first Zêzerearts Festivla in 2011.  Local people are well used to performances, fairs and parties being held on the village square, which will makes for a truly festive atmosphere.

Dornes ChurchDornes Church AltarIberian organ in Dornes church

At the 2016 festival the Iberian Organ will have the opportunity to show its wares in Haydn's 'Little Organ Mass' and in a wonderful concerto by Vivaldi for violin, cello, organ and strings.

Zêzerearts choir 2015 arrive at Dornes churchLeft - The Zêzerearts choir of 2015 arrive in Dornes church to rehearse and perform the Monteverdi Dixit Dominus with the Mozart Missa Brevis K 194. They also sang Victoria's wonderful double choir Ave Maria with the second choir singing from the choir loft at the back.