10th ZêzereArts Festival - 2020

ZêzereArts - Corona Virus Pandemic - Statement

We are of course conscious that everyone will be wondering about the viability of upcoming events in respect of the corona virus pandemic. We are currently still hoping that it will be possible to run some of our festival programme in July but please note that the Choral Programme scheduled for 11-19 July 2020 is cancelled and all participants have been notified by email. We are monitoring the situation constantly and will make decisions about the remaining Festival classes and performances as soon as possible.

ZêzereArts Festival 2020

The full programme of public performances of the ZêzereArts Festival 2020 includes choral works by Beethoven and his Portuguese contemporary Domingos Bomtempo along with a new choral work, "Paixão" especially written by the 2020 composer in residence, César Viana. There will be two full weeks of choral, orchestral and chamber music performances. The 2020 Festival takes place from July 11th to 26th in the Medio Tejo region of central Portugal. Applications are open for choral singers, choirs, recital and opera singers and string players who wish to apply to join us to study, sing and play at the festival.

Choral Programme

Strings Masterclasses

Programme of Public Performances

It is a great time of year to visit this beautiful area of central Portugal. Please contact us if you would like more information about where to stay and what there is to see and do.

2020 again promises a range of choral, orchestral and chamber music performances in world heritage venues such as the Convento de Cristo in Tomar the Knights Templar village of Dornes and the Monastery of Batalha to celebrate the 10th ZêzereArts Festival.

We hope to see you at some of our Festival events!


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