ZêzereArts Festival Composers in Residence

A key element of the ZêzereArts Festival since 2017 has been the presence of a composer in residence to enrich our programming and to increase our connection with 'living' music.

It was a great honour for the ZêzereArts artistic team and the 2017 Zêzerearts participants that the distinguished Portuguese composer, Eurico Carrapatoso accepted our invitation to be the first ZêzereArts Festival Composer in Residence. We have been fortunate to continue to welcome illustrious composers to our annual Festival, such as David Miguel in 2018 and Fernando Lapa in 2019.

We look forward to announcing the 2020 composer in residence shortly.


Fernando Lapa Composer in Residence 2019Fernando C Lapa - ZêzereArts Festival Composer in Residence 2019






David Miguel - ZêzereArts Composer in Residence 2018

David Miguel - ZêzereArts Festival Composer in Residence 2018






Eurico Carapatoso - ZêzereArts Composer in Residence 2017

Eurico Carrapatoso - ZêzereArts Festival Composer in Residence 2017