Taíssa Poliakova Cunha - Pianist

Taíssa Poliakova Cunha - Pianist

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Taíssa Poliakova Cunha began her studies in music with her mother, and entered the National Conservatory’s School of Music, in Lisbon, at 7 years old, in the class of Professor Sofia Vinogradova. With her she participated in several concerts, as well as in the 1st Piano Competition of the city of Fundão, where she was awarded the first prize in her category, in 1999. In 2006 she joined the class of Professor Anne Kaasa. In 2009 she entered the class of Professor Miriam Gómez-Morán, in the High Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, in Salamanca, Spain, where she finished Bachelor Degree in 2013, with the highest qualifications.

She participated in piano masterclasses with professors Igor Blagodatov (2005), Lev Shugom (2007), Liudmila Roschina, Miguel Borges-Coelho, Felipe Pinto-Ribeiro (2008), Kalle Randalu (2009), Elza Kolodin, Ferenc Rados (2010), Begoña Uriarte, Eldar Nebolsin (2011), Edith Fischer, Oxana Yablonskaya  (2012), and Boris Berman (2013).

Since 2012 she attends piano courses with Professor Oxana Yablonskaya.

In 2007 the duo Taílde was created, under the tutelage of Professor Luís Pacheco Cunha, with the violinist Matilde Loureiro; together they performed many concerts around the country, in the festival “Dias da Música” in the Cultural Centre of Belém, in the Foz Palace in Lisbon, in the concert cycle “Le Foyer” of the National Conservatory of Lisbon, in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and in the High Conservatory of Music of Salamanca. In 2008 they won the First Prize in Chamber Music (Medium Level) in the “Young Musicians Prize” Competition, promoted by the RDP (Radio and Television of Portugal). In 2009 they participated in the festival “Transeuropéennes” in Rouen, France, where they gave three concerts, very appreciated by the public and critics. Also in 2009, they won an Hounorable Mention in the Concertino Praha Competition, which granted them a concert tour in Czech Republic, in that same year.

Also, she played with her father, Luís Pacheco Cunha, violinist, and with the dancer Sofia Silva, in the “Dancing Fiddle” Project; together, they performed this project in the High Conservatory of Music of Salamanca (2011), and in the “Festival Música d’Arroios” (also in 2011) in Lisbon.

As a soloist, she offered recitals in Spain, in the Centre of Brazilian Studies of Salamanca (March 2011, May 2012 and June 2013), in the High Conservatory of Music of Salamanca (February and June 2010, June 2011, April and June 2012 and June 2013), in the Casino of Salamanca (June 2010 and February 2011), and in the “Eutherpe” Concert Room, in León (February 2011, February and April 2012), in Spain, and in Portugal, in the Foz Palace, Lisbon (June 2011 and June 2013).

She has been part of the Musicamera orchestra of Lisbon since 2013