ZêzereArts on Tour - Dublin Workshop

March 4th 2017

ZêzereArts is holding a workshop on the 4th of March at the Malahide Community School, Broomfield, Malahide, Co Dublin. We will explore familiar and less familiar choral music under the guidance of the ZêzereArts team - Brian MacKay and Pedro Correia.

It is a perfect opportunity to give the ZêzereArts experience a try or to introduce friends and colleagues. We believe in quality music making in a convivial and positive atmosphere. Our workshop day will be designed to give you a flavour of the ZêzereArts choral programme for 2017.

There will be two main strands on the day - a larger choir and a chamber group. The chamber group will be more challenging musically as it is at the festival. It will be ideal for music students, choral singers and directors and 'serious' amateurs. The larger choir will have a more relaxed time! There will fun, challenges and good music for all.

The workshop will begin at 10 am (arrival from 9.30!) – with lunch from 1.00 to 2.00pm and breaks for tea and coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon. We will finish at 4.30pm.


€30 (Bring a group of 4 including at least 1 man and get 1 place FREE)
€15 for full-time students.

Lunch is available at €10. If you prefer not to book lunch you may bring your own. Local restaurants are a little far away and busy to be manageable within the hour available. The school does an excellent meal.

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